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  Part A
  Read the dialogue below and write an essay about backpackers.
  1.The passage should be consistent with the meaning of the dialogue and cover the main points.
  2.Use your own language to express.You can rewrite the sentences in the dialogue,but you can't copy the original sentences.
  Note:about 80 words.
  Tom:I know you travel a lot.Have you ever met any backpackers?
  Alice:Yes,I have.
  Tom:Some tourists call themselves backpackers while others don’t.But what exactly is a backpacker?
  Alice:It just means people who travel around in a backpack.I used to do that when l was younger.
  Tom:Really?Are backpackers all young people?
  Alice:N0,they are of different ages,old and young,male and female.But the majority of them are young people.They would like to go out and see the world before they go to college,or settle down.
  Tom:Some backpackers think they are somehow different from other tourists.They would say,“I’m not a tourist,I’m a traveler”,0r“I’m not a tourist,I’m a backpacker”.What do you think?
  Alice:Some backpackers strongly identify themselves as a community other than tourists,and think they are better than tourists in some way.They would go to a place and only talk to other backpackers.But I’m not really sure I can agree with that.
  Tom:which country are backpackers from,the United States?
  Alice:They are of different nationality.But people in some countries,say,Canada,do love to travel beRer.
  Tom:Well,good luck with your next travel!
  Generally speaking,backpackers are tourists travelling with a backpack.There are backpackers of different ages and,different countries.And young people makes up the majority because they have a strong sense of curiosity a-bout the world and would like to see more.Some of them have a strong sense of community and see themselves as different from other tourists.Some even look down upon other tourists and tend to communicate inside their own group while travelling,but this is not true of all backpackers.

  Part B
  Mr.Luois Alexander was invited to Chongqing to give lectures,visit your school and have a discussion with some students.Now you(Zhang Yu)will preside over the forum and deliver a welcome speech in English on behalf of your students.
  Welcome words should include the following points:
  1.Warmly welcome the visitors.
  2.Introduce Mr.Luois Alexander.
  3.His works are very rich,including the well-known"new concept English"and"follow me".
  4.Purpose of coming to Chongqing:to give lectures and further understand the English learning situation of Chinese middle school students.
  5.Ask Mr.Alexander for guidance and suggestions.
  6.Please ask him questions about English learning.
  Note:1.The writing is coherent and smooth,with about 100 words.
  2.It is not necessary to write the name of the school and the individual of the speaker.If you want to write,you must use the name of the person and the name of the school.
  3.New words:linguist;lecture-give a collection
  Dear schoolmates,First of all,let's give our warmest welcome to our honourable guest-Mr Luois Alexander.Mr Luois Alexander is a world-famous English linguist.He's written lots of works,including New Concept English,Follow Me and so on.All these are well known to us all.Mr Alexander is invited to Chongqing to give lectures,and today he's going to have a talk with us to get a further understanding of English study in middle schools in China.If you have any questions on English,you are free to ask him for help.Now let's invited Mr Alexander to give us a talk and advice on English study.That's all.Thank you!



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